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About Me

Dot and Cross Rachel

Nice to meet you!

I’m Rachel; founder, boss lady, and artist here at Dot + Cross Studio. Thanks for stopping in!

When you work with Dot + Cross, you’re working first and foremost with a professional fine artist (me!) who has a Master’s Degree in drawing, training in graphic design, and a love for typography. I also have a lot of experience with customer service, so you are in good hands!

More about me

Drawing is my first love. I graduated with an honors degree – a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in drawing – and then went on to teach art in high school, decided to get my Master’s Degree in Drawing, and ended up even teaching art in college! Art is my life. Below, you’ll find a link to my fine art website, as well as examples of my artwork so you can see what else I can do — and what else could grace your walls!

Typography just happens to be another passion of mine. I discovered my ‘love of lettering’ after I stepped away from teaching to get my Master’s degree. I decided to branch out, and hand-lettering naturally made its way into my artwork. When my love for drawing and lettering were combined, I discovered that magical things could happen! After being hired to hand-letter numerous local business’ signs, and create personal wedding signage for local event planners, I realized how much FUN I was having while….gasp…working! Thus, Dot + Cross was born.

Due to years of experimenting with my own artistic process, I’m very picky about QUALITY and TECHNIQUE. This means that each piece I work on receives the time, attention, and love that goes into a piece of fine art. My quality craftsmanship ensures that every detail is professionally created to meet and exceed your expectations!

Fun Facts

Beyond the business, here’s a little more about the {person} you’ll be working one-on-one with:

+   I love a good craft beer, a slug of bourbon, and a big glass of wine; don’t make me choose!
+   I taught high school fine art for 10 years, and still keep in touch with some of my students; heck, I still run into them in the most random places!
+   I love anything with melted cheese (extra cheese on my pizza? Yes! Cheese grilled onto the outside of my grilled cheese AND in the middle? YES! 5-cheese mac ‘n’ cheese? YESSSS!! But give me a cheese plate (raw? eeeew) and I run for the hills. I’m weird. I’ve been told.
+   I LOVE Star Wars and ice hockey (gooooo Capitals!)
+   If everything in my closet could have stripes on it, I would be very happy.
+   “Home” is where my husband and I live. I make it “home”, since I don’t have a hometown. I’m a military brat and have lived in at least 10 different places in my life (so far!) and I love it! I’ve met so many amazing people!
+   I’ve flown an airplane, ridden on a zamboni, been in the very front of a Navy submarine during an ’emergency’ surface, shot a grenade launcher…but I won’t jump out of a perfectly good plane or bungee jump. Those things are seriously crazy.

My Fine Art

“Throughout the history of art, drawing has usually been a means to an end – a drawing is the prequel to a painting, but not necessarily the final product. For me, the drawing is the epitome of the artistic process – I love the layering of marks and the rawness of the drawn image.”

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